September 11, 2014

Sound Hire

Please browse through our sound hire catalogue and add the to cart the equipment that you would like to enquire on. We are based in Johannesburg and deliver all over Gauteng and Nationwide. Our sound for rental is suitable for small and large functions, weddings, concerts and also corporate events. Custom packages can certainly be arranged by sending us an enquiry.

Above All quality is one of our core values, we work with major brands such as: JBL, Electric Voice, Mackie, Alto, Wharfdale, DAS Audio, and even more most noteworthy brands for sound hire. We focus on specific needs or end to end production – built to suit your needs because we care. Furthermore we integrate with your event from the simplest setup to the more complex, artful, and attention to detail. So that there is less hassle for you. When you are happy, we are happy. Simplicity is the key to success and that’s what we want to give you, hence a simple an effective solution that is delivered with quality and precision. your sound hire matters to us too therefore you matter to us.

Hosting a gig at the club? Is it that all important wedding day? How about a school function? A party for the little wins? A musical concert, an outdoor live event or just simply you and and a band of friends getting together, We will take care of your sound hire needs.

Anything from PA Sytems to Microphones, something for crystal clear vocals. Musical instruments such as, drums, guitars, backline etc. We can supply with all your sound hire requirements.

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